New Chevrolet Super Bowl advert attacks Ford

Chevrolet celebrates the Super Bowl with a new and very cool advert for its Silverado pickup truck. The advert actually starts at the end, well the end of the world actually.

It shows a post apocalyptic world where there is nothing but destruction all-around. It is quiet and there is nobody to be seen…but then, a Chevrolet Silverado is seen driving out from the rubble.

The Chevrolet cruises through the wreckage with nothing but a few bits of dust collected on its body. It finally comes to a stop where there are three more survivors, and yes, they are driving Chevrolet’s.

One of the survivors then asks ‘where is Dave’, and the answer is basically he didn’t survive because he didn’t have the “most dependable and longest-lasting full-size pickup truck on the road.”

Although this description sounds very ‘cheesy’ the advert actually looks very impressive and well made. The main premise for the advert is, ‘the Chevrolet is tough, so tough it could survive the apocalypse’, and this is definitely made clear in the advert.

Watch and see for yourself.


As the message of this is advert is ‘we are the best’, you can understand that some manufacturers may seem a little challenged by a statement like this.

In fact the American manufacturer Ford has been a little annoyed to say the least and defended the fact that their pickup trucks are the best.

“From an advertising standpoint, we will absolutely defend our leadership in the market,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s global marketing chief.

For UK customers, there is no doubt Ford is ahead in the pickup market. While the Chevrolet Silverado is not available on this side of the Atlantic, Ford has launched its new Ford Ranger pickup in the UK this year.