New car adverts for 2012 – part two

Fiat 500


This advert shows a man walking down the street who sees a woman, who then starts to flirt with him. It turns out this woman is merely a Fiat 500 parked up.

As the Fiat 500 has gained a reputation as being a ‘ladies car’ this advert is trying to defy this trend by saying that men also find it attractive.

It also builds on the idea that the Italian Fiat 500 is stylish and attractive to look at, which is one of the 500’s top selling points.

Citroen streetseeker competition


Streetseekers is a Facebook based competition that uses Google Maps. Each day for five days Citroen posts clues about where they are ‘hiding’ one of its models. You then have to use these clues to try and determine where you think it is, and if you get it right, you win the car.

This streetseeker competition allows Citroen to use Facebook and Google to advertise its models, and let’s be honest, everybody uses Facebook and Google.

The use of Facebook also shows that Citroen is aware of its buyers markets, which in the DS3 streetseeker competition were relatively younger buyers, therefore Facebook is more likely to be a regularly visited site.

The streetseeker competition is also quite fun, which in turn gives the brand a good reputation for being liked; again this pulls in more young buyers for the DS3 supermini market.

Kia Picanto


Another Kia addition in the top adverts, this time it’s the Kia Picanto cat advert.

This advert includes another animal, a feline to be exact, who will literally stop at nothing to get to the new Kia Picanto. The cat sees the Picanto and chases after it performing ridiculous acrobatics and even confronting a dog, just to catch up to it.

This advert, in essence, is simply. It shows how popular and enticing the new Picanto can be by saying ‘even a cat can’t resist its charms’.

There is also a useful bit of information on the cars 7 year/100,000 mile warranty at the bottom of the screen throughout the advert.

Ford Focus


This Ford Focus advert shows customers how much fun you can really have in a Focus.

The advert shows two or three people driving around in the new Focus and using an array of new technology features to interact with each other and generally be more alert and safe on the road.

As well as clearly showing viewers what technology is available on the new Focus, it also highlights the fact that it’s not just like any other car, you can interact with it and it pretty much interacts back with you and others around you.

In taking a more literal approach this Focus advert definitely gets its message across and makes you want to get in the Focus and go for a spin.

Citroen DS5 Hybrid4


The DS5 has received a lot of publicity as it will be a little different to other cars on the market. It will use an environmentally friendly Hybrid4 engine, which in this video is displayed through a compilation of images suggesting its natural character and friendliness to the environment.

These include images like a boat on water, a bird flying, splashing water and a fish swimming. This theme of natural life suggests that the DS5 is just as natural, in other words ‘it has low emissions and won’t do anything any harm, just like water or a bird’. These are shown alongside great images of the DS5, inside and out, which show its style as well.

This advert sums up what the DS5 is about extremely well. It is economical, but equally as stylish.