Alfa Romeo Giulietta plays ice hockey?

Alfa Romeo has done it again and delivered with a new wacky advertisement, but this time it isn’t a water balloon endeavour. Nope, this time the Giulietta takes on ice hockey as it displays the power of its Alfa D.N.A system.

It is probably a good time to demonstrate how a car handles on an ice rink given recent UK weather warnings – but while the control showed with the Giulietta as it pulls out trick shots is admirable, it probably says as much about the talented stunt driver.

Alfa Romeo has teamed up with Team Blaze star David Phillips at the Coventry Skydome ice rink to display how well the Giulietta handles, even on ice.

In the video clip of the event the Giulietta is shown shooting a hockey puck past a goalkeeper by drifting into it and hitting it with its tyre, displaying its pin point accuracy.


As you can see in the video, the Giulietta handles very well on ice, which is thanks to its Alfa D.N.A system. This system allows the driver to choose from three different driving modes: Dynamic, Normal and All-weather.

These different driving modes change the performance of the brakes, steering, engine, suspension and gearbox. This means you can choose the right setting for the conditions you are driving in.

In the case of the new advert the All-weather driving mode has been selected which give the Giulietta better traction and more responsive handling, making driving on ice a doddle.

This All-weather mode means that the Giulietta can handle icy or wet roads, which are unfortunately a regular occurrence in Britain.

The clip then finishes with this simple but effective comment:

‘Great on the ice, better on the road’.

Prices for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta start from £19,495.