Renault targets young buyers with new electric Twizy

Ahead of the long awaited release of the electric Twizy run-around, Renault is hosting a Twizy design competition which gives university and college students a chance to win a year’s worth of tuition fees.

In the process, the French manufacturer hopes to highlight some of the customisation options available on the door-less, all-electric city car.

Designed as an alternative to motorbikes and scooters and aimed at younger buyers, Renault will aim the Twizy at younger, city based buyers and the latest competition begins by reaching out to university students in the UK.

Students are being asked to download a Twizy template and design it in any way they like to win a year’s tuition fees.

Announcing the new Twizy competition, Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Programme, Renault UK, said:

“We’re really excited to launch the Twizy in the UK. Its low price, combined with expected low insurance premiums and running costs, means that Twizy will be well suited to younger drivers interested in an affordable way of getting around in style, in a much safer method than two wheels, whether it be pedal power, scooter or motorbike.”

The Renault Twizy will be the smallest car in the Renault line up when it arrives in 2012, sitting below the more conventionally petrol and diesel-powered Renault Twingo in the range.

Designed as an urban run-around, weight-stripping means it does not boast conventional doors and seats just two.

However, its electric powertrain, rechargeable through a standard plug socket, compact dimensions and exemption from UK road tax means it will be cheap to run.

With a range of around 80 miles it is expected to be used as a small car for short journeys around the city as Renault looks towards solutions for car-less cities of the future.

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