Flat battery warning for UK drivers

According to Green Flag, a flat battery because of the cold winter weather is the main reason for breakdowns as people return from the Christmas break.

A combination of cars standing idle over the Christmas holidays and cold and icy weather in many parts of the UK could result in a 50 per cent increase in callouts across the UK.

Miranda Schunke, spokesperson for Green Flag said: “Icy conditions and wet, cold weather means cars are far more likely to break down in winter. Batteries fail more often in these conditions, and the increased use of de-misters, heaters and windscreen wipers places an extra strain on them.”

Flat batteries make up half of all call outs in the first week of January as experts remind the public to check their battery in advance.

However, beleaguered drivers will also call out accident services for accidents in treacherous weather, tyre problems, electrical issues and even a lack of fuel this week, according to the breakdown service.

Drivers are being urged to give their cars a winter check if it has been idle for any period of time. Alternatively, drivers should take their car to their nearest dealership or servicing centre to have it checked over.

Perrys service centres can check a car battery to see if it needs replacing. Perrys servicing checks can also check tyres, brakes and other electrical and mechanical aspects of a car to ensure it is roadworthy this winter.

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