Christmas traffic jams annoy 45% of Britons

With the Christmas holidays already at large it seems driving home for Christmas is one of the most depressing aspects of the season, according to the TomTom study.

A study by the popular satnav company has revealed that there are lots of things at Christmas that really get on our nerves.

These includes 50 per cent of us disliking ‘Too many TV repeats’, 49 per cent of us disliking ‘Cliff Richard’s Millennium Prayer’ and 45 per cent of us thinking ‘Christmas traffic jams’ are a pain.

The Christmas traffic statistic isn’t surprising as tough weather and shoppers are at large around the Christmas holiday. With 33 per cent of Britons disliking shopping there is statistically still 64 per cent who like it, which leaves plenty of eager shoppers ready to hit the road, shop, and cause traffic.

In terms of beating the traffic chaos of Christmas a TomTom spokesman said: “We can’t do much about too many repeats on TV or Cliff Richard on the radio – but we can help those who want to avoid the worst of the Christmas traffic.”

Sat nav is always a useful perk in your car and is available on a number of new cars as standard. For example Renault has an agreement with TomTom for the likes of its higher-level Renault Scenicand Renault Grand Scenic people carriers.

As well as traffic jams, road safety is also suggested in the survey as a surprisingly low percentage of 21 per cent of people dislike ‘Eating/drinking too much’. This may suggest that 79 per cent of Britons look forward to having a few drinks too many, which increases the risk of drunk driving.

Another surprising statistic in terms of drinking is the fact that only 20 per cent of Britons dislike ‘Drunken office parties’. This also suggests a higher risk of drunk driving on the roads at Christmas.