Interior images for Evoque Kahn revealed

Recently the Range Rover Evoque has been given some modifications from the design company Kahn, a company best-known for its over-the-top designs based on the luxury Range Rover brand.

This modified Range Rover Evoque is without a doubt stylish and desirable, but so far the interior has been kept under-wraps, until now.

The interior for the new Evoque Kahn’s upholstery comes trimmed in red leather, which may or may not take your fancy. This red leather upholstery is seen on both the driver’s seat and the passenger seats. The edge of this upholstery also has a diamond shape stitching, which is also red leather.

This vibrant red colour is a great contrast to the black interior colour of the dashboard and other features of the Evoque. The speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge of the instrument panel are also contrasted with the interior black with the same vibrant red colour as the upholstery.

The Evoque Kahn also features a screen on the instrument panel, which probably functions as a satellite navigation system.

When looking toward the back seats of the Evoque Kahn it is clear to see that there is plenty of head and leg room for passengers.

This interior is said to be customisable to meet the driver’s personal specification. Which means that whatever colour you would like, you can have. For example, if you really like a certain shade of green, you can have it in the interior.

The Range Rover Evoque is out now and prices start from £27,995. Range Rover vehicles are available from Perry’s Halifax and Huddersfield dealerships.