Car or partner: What would you choose?

A sporty car can help you meet the boy or girl of your dreams – or so a reported 14 per cent of the UK population think so.

In a recent survey meant to advertise Peugeots RCZ model, there were some statistics revealed regarding relationships and cars, which could be seen as quite surprising.

These statistics point to many ‘factors’ of men, women, and their automobiles. For example, there is 14 per cent of the UK who think their car is better looking than their partner. This may suggest that if you are that 14 per cent of the UK, you own a pretty snazzy car.

It also revealed that millions of us, nine per cent to be exact, potentially spend more time with our cars than our partners and that given the choice eight per cent of us would choose our car over our partners, which either highlights that the UK public own very good cars, or they’re with the wrong partners.

But it wasn’t just statistics on couples that wowed, there were also stats on single men and women. For example, 14 per cent of people think a sporty car will help them get the girl or boy of their dreams and one fifth of people aged 55+ think a sporty car will help them be more attractive to others.

So what did Peugeot think of this fun bit of research?

Andrew Didlick, Director – Communications at Peugeot UK said: “As a French brand, Peugeot is naturally seen as a company with a distinct French flair, and the RCZ Sports Coupe certainly has a frivolous attraction being so curvaceous, so it doesn’t surprise us that the study shows that some British people are more tempted to look after their motors than their other half!”

Before you rush out and buy a car, this should all be taken as a bit of fun. A new car is probably not likely to net you the partner of your dreams – even if you chose one of our top ten sexiest cars.

That’s not to say the Peugeot RCZ is not worth buying however. The stunning 2+2 coupe (the numbers refer to the seating layout) is one of the most impressive cars on the market today, as the video below shows: