New Range Rover Evoque Khan revealed

The Evoque is the new compact SUV from Land Rover and as the smallest (and least expensive) Range Rover it has been attracting new, younger buyers across the UK.

The Range Rover Evoque has already earned a reputation for a luxurious and premium feel. This is reflected in its exterior and interior which is highly customisable and was aided in design by Victoria Beckham.

The Evoque comes in three different ‘themes’ as opposed to trim levels, an idea introduced by Land Rover to ensure the Evoque is as customisable as possible.

Customisable features include an array of exterior paint jobs, of which can be contrasted with a different coloured roofline, alloy wheels, leather upholstery and loads of other interior tweaks.

These customisable features are also supported by the Evoque’s three trim levels, of which it calls its ‘themes’. Each of these themes is unique and offers a different type of interior and exterior driving experience.

For some who want to go that extra mile in customising their Evoque, they can, because the Evoque can pretty much facilitate any time of design modifications, as shown in Afzal Kahn’s designs.

These designs include modifications such as lowered suspension, yellow callipers, aluminium pedals, privacy glass and touch screen sat nav. These customisable features can also be designed to suite you.

For example, Afzal Kahn can design the vehicles exterior to be the same colour as your jeans, or it’s interior to be the same colour as your t-shirt.

However, it is always worth checking with the manufacturer before modding any car because it could invalidate the warranty.

The Range Rover Evoque is out now and prices start from £27,995. Range Rover vehicles are available from Perry’s Halifax and Huddersfield dealerships.