Is this the new Mazda6?

The Takari concept revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show may be a long way from being ready to enter Mazda dealerships, but the brand will replace its executive Mazda6 saloon as early as 2013 and much of the styling could come from the new concept.

Mazda itself has called the Takari ‘the future’ and it certainly comes packed full of new technology such as Mazda’s first regenerative braking system, which turns kinetic energy into electricity during deceleration and helps power electrical equipment in the car.

Mazda promises ‘hybrid’ levels of fuel economy in a future Mazda6 and the new version is expected to make use of Mazda’s efficient Skyactiv engines and lightweight materials to improve its green credentials.

This will be Mazda’s answer to the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia, two executive cars with lower prices than the typical premium German contenders.

It is a market Mazda is keen to exploit. Its current Mazda6 saloon is being offered with a special ‘Business Line’ specification.

Available with the 2.2-litre diesel engine, the Mazda6 Business Line adds an executive trim level and low CO2 emissions (133g/km) to its impressive 54.3mpg figure.

Prices for the Mazda6 Business Line start from £18,700, but a standard Mazda6 is available from around £15,000.

It will be replaced by a new Mazda6 in 2013 but the first look at the new model is expected to take place as early as next year.

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