Government to map electric charge points

With all of the plug-in electric charge points in the UK mapped out it will make it a lot easier for electric vehicle owners to travel more effectively.

This reassurance that there will be enough charge points to keep you going on the road is a very important issue because many people range anxiety is seen as a major barrier to electric car take-up.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “We know there is public appetite out there for plug-in vehicles and as government we’re doing everything possible to make them a real option for both motorists and industry.

“This Registry will get us away from the mind-set of; will I, won’t I get there? And I’m sure that public and private charge point owners alike will get behind the initiative because the more information we have up there the more motorists will be encouraged to make the switch to electric.”

There will also be something called ‘the Central Whitelist’ which will make it easier for motorists to access each charge point without having to sign up to new schemes each time they charge in a different location.

This new mapping system will assist the Polar charge point scheme that will be introducing 4,000 new charging stations around the UK by the end of 2012.

With the Polar schemes 4,000 new charge points spanning approximately 100 new towns and cities, the Central Whitelist idea will allow electric car drivers to instantly see where the nearest point is.

This means good news for electric cars such as the Peugeot iOn and the Citroen C-Zero. It also establishes a network in preparation of future models such as the Renault Fluence and Vauxhall Ampera.