Young drivers’ phones blocked by parents

With more and more young drivers taking to the road it is only natural that some Mums and Dads are worried about their children’s safety. Ford’s new ‘Ford MyKey’ should help keep these worries at bay.

A new technology feature is called ‘Do Not Disturb’, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Parents can now block incoming calls and texts on their children’s phones and send whoever is calling them to their voicemail whilst they are behind the wheel. It also allows parents to limit a vehicles top speed and audio volume.

The Ford MyKey top speed restriction allows the vehicles top speed to be limited to 80mph. The Ford MyKey technology also has a feature which can alert the driver when fuel is running low by producing sound chimes.

This has been designed to make journeys safer and in the long haul hopefully encouraging drivers to concentrate on the road, instead of trying to looking cool or using their phones.

This should prove to be very effective with mobile phones, especially smart phones with internet access, growing increasingly popular.

Peter Patzelt, Ford system architect for MyKey said: “MyKey adds a new dimension to auto safety by giving drivers standard technology that encourages safer driving and limits their exposure to risk, regardless of age or experience.

“MyKey can give parents peace of mind when they hand car keys over to their kids, and ‘Do Not Disturb’ enables parents to control another risk factor when their child gets behind the wheel.

MyKey will become available from next year on the Ford Fiesta before being expanded to other car models.