Worst occupations for car insurance premiums explained

The cost of car insurance depends on a lot of things. The first things that might come to mind are age, gender and location.

But your job can affect the price of your car insurance as well and this is where it gets interesting.

Before going into detail it’s pretty obvious that ‘the higher risks you have in your job, the more expensive your car insurance will be’.

Topping the average annual premium list with a whopping £6,809,57, is the job of a mobile disco owner. While it’s difficult to second guess what makes a mobile disco owner more expensive to insure than say, a bomb disposal expert, there are a couple of factors that might come into play.

A mobile disco owner may have higher insurance cost because of the fact that a travelling entertainer is on the road a lot of the time, usually at night, and therefore may have a higher chance of crashing.

It may also be because they are called out to places like pubs or social clubs and places like these could have higher crime risks because of their links with alcohol and the temptation for thieves of getting their hands on expensive equipment – coupled with a bad set, that could make you a worthy target.

Another high priced car insurance job title is a footballer. They’re charged, on average, an annual premium of £3,992.69. This one may be more understandable with many famous footballers driving cars like the Range Rover Sport and the Jaguar XK, as well as being renowned for appearing on the news having had an ‘accident’ on an ill-fated night out.

But as to the reasons why a Referee or Diplomatic staff member pay more than a travel guide writer is something we can’t quite figure out.

Fortunately insurance premium quotes work both ways and some jobs can help you pay less on your car insurance.

This will make for good reading if you’re an Airline Captain or a Toy Maker, where you could pay as little as £320.18 or £337.87, respectively. Again, it is understandable that the Airline Captains premiums is low because his occupation would perhaps mean he isn’t in his car that much.

But for jobs like a Toy Maker, Ornithologist or State enrolled nurse, we really couldn’t guess.

What we do know is that your occupation can have a dramatic impact on your annual car insurance premium so it’s important to supply the correct information to your insurance provider when setting up your premium or if you’re changing jobs.