Kia reveals Rio’s green future

With Kia hoping to expand its economical car range, theKia Rio EcoDynamics is being used as the subject of several advances in new technology, including a new feature on the dashboard which tells you how economical you are driving on a scale of one to eight.

Once a driver reaches a score of eight, a flower symbol appears on the dashboard. Maintain that over a period of time and the flower becomes a bouquet to give a visual indicator of the car’s green credentials.

With Kia’s Rio EcoDynamics model its three-cylinder diesel delivers up to 88.3mpg and emits just 85g/km of C02. These figures make the Rio EcoDynamics model the cleanest internal combustion engine in the world.

This impressive economic figure is accomplished by its cleaner engine technology, fuel-saving gadgets, low roll resistant tyres and lightweight body design.

This development is not just limited to the Rio and is expected to be used in other Kia cars such as the Venga, Sorento and Sportage in future.

Kia models with electrified drive trains will be emerging as early as 2012 and already the company has its first hybrid on sale in some markets, based on the new Optima saloon.

Kia is also working on a double-clutch transmission to deliver the convenience of an automatic with even better fuel economy than a manual.

It has also developed its own continuously variable transmission for hybrid vehicles, which is cutting fuel consumption by 7% compared with a conventional automatic.

Kia has set itself the target of making its entire range 10 per cent lighter by 2015, which would ultimately bring about a 3.2 per cent reduction in fuel consumption.

This will mean that where possible lightweight materials will be replacing steel as well as the number of parts being reduced.

Kia has said it will continue to develop its eco technology whilst maintaining the ‘fun to drive, practical, appealing and good value’ of its current car line up.