Prices for used 4×4 cars begin to climb as winter nears

The average 4×4 price has risen to £12,805 in September from around £10,400 in July 2011. The rise has brought prices closer to those seen in January and February when snow covered much of the country.

The news, although good for drivers looking to sell their 4×4 cars, will mean good quality used 4x4s will be more difficult to find as the best used 4x4s are snapped up, according to Tim Naylor of British Car Auctions (BCA).

“For many motorists – particularly those living in rural or remote areas – a 4×4 is becoming a necessity in winter, rather than a luxury” he explained. “Although we had an unusually warm September, prices have already started rising and the first hint of snow and severe winter conditions could see significant demand for all-weather vehicles which will send values sky high.”

The 4×4 cars are increasingly popular in the UK because of their ability to offer more grip and traction in icy, snowy and wet conditions.

4×4 cars are more traditionally associated with SUVs such as the rugged Land Rover Freelander 2 or even the luxury Range Rover.

However, a new range of 4x4s has been launched in recent months, including the ‘baby’ Range Rover, the Evoque, the 4×4 Peugeot 3008 crossover and even saloons and estates such as 4×4 options for the Vauxhall Insignia.

Used 4×4 buyers are being urged to consider choosing higher specification models by BCA because they are more likely to keep their value in future.

“Alloys, leather interior, air-con and sat-nav all add value,” Naylor added, but he also said ‘rugged’ additions such as roof bars and mounted spotlights boost the value of a used 4×4.

This means cars such as the practical Ford Kuga, Land Rover Discovery and the Vauxhall Antara are likely to be in short supply as the winter wears on.

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