Alfa reveals powerful new engine for 4C sport car

The Italian car maker has turned to engine experts Fiat for the new 1.8-litre unit, which not only delivers as much as 300hp, also complies with EU emissions laws for the next four years.

The lightweight aluminium engine is expected to appear in the new Alfa Romeo 4C, a two-seat sports car introduced as a concept car earlier this year.

It is expected to make its debut in UK showrooms as early as 2013, meaning the new engine is favourite to be the range-topping option for the sporty model.

With styling based on the stunning Alfa 8C Competizione supercar, the Alfa Romeo 4C was the star of the Geneva Motor Show in March and needs a powerful engine to match its looks.

Harald J. Wester, Fiat’s Chief Technology Officer and head of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati Brands: “This is a first step in a series of initiatives to be implemented in the near future which will reconnect Alfa Romeo to its historical roots as a premium Italian sports car brand.”

The engine is one of the most advanced of its kind. Made of aluminium, it features an efficient turbocharger and a direct injection system designed to deliver performance without the associated loss of fuel economy.

The engine is expected to be used on the Alfa 4C but it could also appear in hot hatch versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in future.