What is the Perrys trade-in ‘Croak Campaign’?

The Croak Campaign is designed to offer customers a minimum of £1,000 off a new car before their older model – as the name suggests – croaks.

The thinking behind the campaign is simple. A new car will be more fuel efficient, cheaper to tax and more reliable, drastically reducing the cost of running the car.

It will also be safer to drive and should mean less trips to a garage – especially with warranties around such as the Kia seven-year warranty and Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty, both of which last up to 100,000 miles.

Nigel Demaline, General Sales Manager at Perrys Burnley said: “As cars get older they cost more money! With more and more people struggling to find extra cash to pay for pricey repairs.

“Perrys is offering customers the chance to use their old car as deposit for a more reliable, cheaper to run vehicle. We have a great selection of nearly new and used cars for customers to drive away in almost immediately- saving them money in the long run!”

With the Croak Campaign underway, the time has never been better to drive away in a nearly new car from Perrys- cheaper to run, cheaper to tax, flexible finance options to suit every budget and requirement as well as two years free warranty and a minimum £1000 part exchange you really don’t need an excuse to swap the old in for the new!

Perrys will offer a minimum of £1,000 in exchange for a used car as well as two year warranties and flexible finance rates for the duration of the Croak Campaign.