Vauxhall reveals two-seat electric car

The unnamed electric vehicle is the latest take on an ‘urban mobility concept’, a term given to the perceived need for lightweight, compact one- and two-seat vehicles for use in crowded city spaces.

Most of these solutions are vastly different to a standard car shape and the new Vauxhall concept is no different.

The front end bears a slight resemblance with Vauxhall’s new generation of low-CO2 cars with boomerang-shaped headlamps and the distinctive large grille, but here the similarities end.

The vehicle is low and flat, with smaller dimensions than even a city car such as the Fiat 500. A curved windscreen doubles as a roof and towards the rear, the car does not feature a boot.

Instead it boasts a ‘cut-out’ back end with smaller rear wheels to create a sleek take on the wedge shape.

The result is an ultra-lightweight car capable of seating two. The weight reductions allow a smaller electric motor and battery to be used and extend the range to up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Surprisingly, Vauxhall says the car is equipped for short motorway journeys if necessary with a top speed of 75mph.

Vauxhall says the car will be agile and fun, with the aim of appealing to young and teenage drivers forefront in the car maker’s mind.

It has also labelled the car a ‘production potential’, although further details will not be revealed until the official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

The idea of a mobility concept has been explored by several manufacturers including Renault, which will launch its two-seat electric Renault Twizy car next year in the UK.