New 2012 Kia Soul announced

Changes to the SUV crossover, instantly recognisable because of its distinctive boxy shape, raised ground height and small dimensions, will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Kia is expected to tweak the design of the Soul to keep it in line with the rest of the Kia range, including the larger SUV crossover, the Kia Sportage, and the new Kia Picanto.

However, new engine options could also be announced for the Kia Soul along with changes to the interior and upgrades to the specification levels.

The Kia Soul has become a niche seller for Kia since its launch early in 2009. The quirky, eye-catching style and series of special edition models have led to steady sales of the car since its launch.

Original models picked up a prestigious red dot design award in 2010, a testament to the work put in by ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer in turning around the fortunes of the Korean car maker.

This led to several special edition models from the ‘Soul Originals’ range to be launched in 2010. These included the striking Kia Soul Burner, Soul Searcher, Soul Shaker and Soul Tempest.

It also led to the launch of the Kia Soul Echo, a black and white design aimed at style-conscious drivers.

Current Kia Soul models start from £12,000 and come with a choice of 1.6-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel engines.

The Kia Soul range includes ‘1’ and ‘2’ trim levels alongside the special editions, but this could change with the introduction of an updated model to the UK market.