Ford Fiesta Econetic powered by the wind

While the turbine will not be directly powering any cars – the Ford Focus Electric is only due for release in 2013 – it will power the plant that produces Ford’s range of diesel ECOnetic engines.

The 120m turbine is the third to be built at the plant and the largest of the three, with capacity to power the entire diesel plant as production of the engines is increased.

On seeing the turbine installed, Chris Woolacott, Ford Dagenham Diesel Centre line manager, said: “The Ford Dagenham Diesel Centre is once again 100 per cent wind-powered. Ford’s plant building its lowest-CO2 diesel engines continues to be powered by renewable energy.”

The frugal Econetic diesel engines produced at the Dagenham plant are used in Ford cars across the world, including the most popular cars in the UK; the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

Using the diesel technology, the Ford Fiesta is one of the most efficient small cars on the market, and the low CO2 emissions means it is eligible for exemption from the London congestion charge.

It also qualifies for Band A of Vehicle Excise Duty, meaning it comes with no charge for a years’ road tax in the UK.

Starting from around £11,500, the Ford Fiesta Econetic is the most frugal car in the Fiesta range.

The Ford Focus Econetic is even cleaner, delivering CO2 emissions of just 95g/km, with all the road tax and congestion charge exemptions shared by the Fiesta.

Fuel economy figures of 80mpg are more in keeping with small city cars than a practical family hatchback, however it will only go on sale in the UK early in 2012.

This has led the Dagenham plant to extend production and as a result, the new turbine will be put to work quickly to ensure a renewable energy source is used to power the plant.