Green cars set for groundbreaking show

As part of the EcoVelocity event, an annual celebration of electric power, car makers such as Citroen, Ford and Vauxhall will showcase their green cars for the public.

Alongside electric cars, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and efficient petrol and diesel cars are expected to attend, with several of the models due to be launched in the UK.

The timing of the show will be good for Peugeot as it prepares for the launch of the first ever diesel-hybrid car in the shape of the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 crossover.

Using a small diesel engine alongside an electric motor, which itself is powered by an electric battery, the diesel hybrid system is a first in the UK.

It will later appear in the Peugeot 508 saloon, adding road-tax free levels of CO2 emissions to the large family car, which was named Large Family Car of 2011 in the Next Green Car Awards.

Elsewhere, Vauxhall will showcase the new Ampera, and extended-range electric vehicle capable of travelling 350 miles thanks to a small petrol engine tasked with charging the battery as the car is in motion.

Citroen, Seat, Renault and Kia will also take part in the EcoVelocity show with a range of low-CO2, electric and hybrid models.

They will sit alongside a green supercar paddock, which will host the best green cars in terms of performance.

Giles Brown, EcoVelocity Event Director, said: "The addition of the green supercar paddock might well be a little bit unexpected for some visitors and will definitely grab a lot of attention, but that is the whole point, changing perceptions."

EcoVelocity will take place from 8-11 September at Battersea Power Station.