Free roadside assistance for Vauxhall

The offer applies to all models that are brought in to an official Vauxhall dealership for an interim service, which costs £99 until 30 September.

The roadside assistance means a trained mechanic will be available if the Vauxhall has broken down and the car will be towed to the nearest Vauxhall garage if it cannot be repaired on the side of the road.

On announcing the offer, Belinda Craik, Service Marketing Manager for Vauxhall Motors, said: "The offer of an interim service at just £99 with 12 months free Vauxhall Roadside Assistance in association with AA included is the latest in a string of promotions which exemplify the outstanding value to be found in the Vauxhall MasterFit service and repair network.”

The offer is available from participating Vauxhall Masterfit centres from the 400-strong network and will run until the end of September.

The free roadside assistance is the second new offer from Vauxhall based around guaranteeing the car’s reliability after the manufacturer introduced a ‘lifetime warranty’ on its new cars such as the new 2011 Vauxhall Corsa.

The warranty is limited to 100,000 miles but can theoretically cover the car for ever as long as the mileage stays within the limits.

Vauxhall also offers a Masterfit Promise, which guarantees a price match which ensures Vauxhall centres charge the lowest amount for like-for-like repairs when compared to local centres within five miles of the dealership.