Renault reveals quirky Frendzy concept

While the overall shape is that of the van-like Renault Kangoo, the Renault Frendzy concept boasts several completely unique features.

Most noticeably, this comes in the two-colour effect on the body work and an asymmetric door layout that includes a single sliding door on one side of the car.

At the rear, the tailgate opens from both the bottom and the top of the car, giving extra room to load the rear space.

The electric concept’s front end bears a resemblance to the Renault DeZir supercar concept before it because of the elongated grille and LED headlight.

Renault has focused on the Frendzy delivering a mix between practicality for work and comfort for the family, with technology strewn throughout.

A screen on the sliding down can be used to display advertising or work-related messages, while the rear seats can be folded entirely into the floor to create a larger load area.

The roof is made from a fabric which can stretch to encompass any loads and the passenger seat can be folded into the dashboard as part of a unique system.

However, the interior has also been designed for comfort, with LED lights throughout capable of changing colour to signify work or family mode.

Interior designer Ana Zadnik said: "The interior of the vehicle reflects its double identity: on the one hand, it provides a roomy, uncluttered cargo carrying space and, on the other hand, a space that’s fun and interactive and which seats up to four people."

Underneath the quirky design sits an electric motor to power the Frendzy, mirroring the powerplant used in previous electric concepts such as the Renault Captur SUV crossover and Renault R-Space MPV.

The Renault Frendzy is not planned for production, but it could influence future van-based models from the French manufacturer.