New emergency service Ford Transit delivered

The Buxton Mountain Rescue Team has taken delivery of a Ford Transit Minibus to use on call outs in the national part after a busy winter that saw 116 hikers, mountain-bikers and even hang-gliders injured in the area.

Now, the 15-seat Ford Transit Minibus will be used to replace an older model. Offering all-wheel drive and more power from the 140PS 2.4-litre TDCi engine, the new Ford Transit Minibus also comes equipped with specialist equipment.

This includes blue lights, sirens and radio equipment for keeping in touch with the emergency services. The Minibus will also come with emergency-service equipment to deal with any injuries when it reaches the injured person.

“A typical mountain search or rescue can involve quite a number of team members and an enormous amount of kit,” said deputy team leader Malc Needham. “Our old Transit was a lifeline, but this new one is all-wheel-drive and that will be a huge help to us in bad weather, as we experienced in the Peak District last winter.”

The Minibus, finished in silver, will also be fitted with enough space for a stretcher case – an extremely useful tool because of the number of ankle and leg injuries on call outs.

The Ford Transit is a versatile van and can be specified in a huge number of body styles, roof heights, lengths and with a range of engines offering different towing and payload capacities.

It is one of the largest van ranges in the world and has been the UK’s best-selling van for over 40 years.

The Ford Transit Minibus version is a popular choice with emergency services and even the RAF uses a 17-seat extended version at its base to ferry RAF pilots and other workers.