Renault Twizy reservations begin

Renault is pushing the two-seat car as an alternative to scooters and small city cars because of the compact size and seating configuration which puts the passenger directly behind the driver.

Despite using four wheels, the Twizy differs from a conventional car because it does not have doors. Instead the open-air ride allows Renault to trim even more weight off, resulting in a total weight of 450kg including the electric battery.

The battery itself weights 100kg and is capable of powering the car for 62 miles in between recharges, which will take less time than the six to eight hours (three and a half hours for a full charge) needed for the current selection of electric cars on the road.

Renault will sell the electric vehicle across the world, and UK buyers can reserve a model for a £20 deposit.

Standard specification on the scooter/small car includes a bag with a carrying capacity of 50 litres, audio technology including Bluetooth connectivity and USB and a selection of customisable accessories to transform the looks of the car.

Designed to fit into city parking spaces, Renault has also included rear parking sensors in the Renault Twizy as well as extra protection against the weather when needed.

Standard models will cost £6,690 on-the-road along with a £40 monthly battery cost. However, a £7,400 model, named the Twizy Technic, comes with extra equipment over standard versions.

All battery leases include VAT and run for three years or 4,800 miles, says Renault, which says it has had five million visitors to the Renault ZE website, which displays the Twizy alongside more conventional electric vehicles such as the Renault Kangoo Z.E. van, Renault Zoe supermini and Renault Fluence saloon.