Kia solves in car issues this holiday

Are you planning a long journey this Bank Holiday weekend? According to Kia, this could mean a big conversation as well, where major decisions in your life could be made.

Let me explain. According to the Korean manufacturer, more than half of all journeys over the weekend will be over an hour long, and this could result in talks about babies, work and even weddings.

Still confused? Kia says two-thirds of drivers admit to having a significant conversation in the car, and one in ten says they made a life-changing decision about marriage or starting a family in the car.

Luckily, Kia has gone out of its way to find life coach Jeremy Milnes, who explains why this happens:

"A car journey creates a unique opportunity for us to express our thoughts and feelings freely. The car itself is an intimate, comfortable space where we feel protected from the outside world; what we say to each other in the car can’t be overheard and is completely confidential, it belongs only to us and therefore can help bring people close together."

Somewhat bafflingly, he’s also released a guide to ensure that time spent in the car this Easter is put to good use. He puts forward the following advice:

Agree the issue that needs discussing and make sure you have the time to do it justice

Try to book end your conversation with a negotiated and agreed plan of action – it should have a beginning, middle and end

Diffuse awkward subjects by suggesting a break for coffee or a snack

Pre-load your car’s music system with your partner’s favourite tracks and hit play if the conversation becomes too heavy

If a conversation can’t be resolved in the course of the journey, suggest putting it to one side and continuing the discussion later when everyone has had more time to think

Here at Perrys, we’re much more concerned with the car actually reaching its destination and as a result, every Perrys aftersales centre has trained staff capable of checking and maintaining your car to ensure it is ready for long journeys and warm weather.

Here are some of our best tips to checking your car before setting out this weekend:

Tyre pressure – Whether it is summer or winter, checking tyre pressure is essential. Refer to your manual for the optimum tyre pressure for your car. When checking the tyre pressure, always ensure the tyres are cool as warmer tyres tend to have a higher pressure.

A tyre with lower pressure can weaken and become damaged in warmer weather increasing the risk of a breakdown on long journeys. If you’re driving with a full car, always remember to adjust your tyre pressure accordingly.

If the tyre pressure is not correct, it can affect the weight distribution of the car and reduce the control the driver has over the car.

Overheating – It doesn’t take a genius to work out warm weather increases the chances of the engine overheating.

Always ensure the cooling system is flushed and refilled with the correct concentration of engine coolant. If there is not sufficient water and coolant in the cooling system, the car is in danger of overheating in warmer weather, causing damage to the engine.

Battery – Winter weather can cause corrosion to build up in the battery so it is essential to check the battery at the start of the summer to ensure it is good enough condition.

Air conditioning – Cars can get extremely hot and uncomfortable in warm weather. If you’re going on long journeys, especially if you have children with you, it is a good idea to ensure the air conditioning is working.