New Citroen Nemo now cheaper to run

The new Citroen Nemo 660 LX comes with a 75bhp diesel engine and features fuel-saving Stop&Start technology, which turns the engine off when the van is stationary to save fuel.

This results in 109g/km of CO2 emissions – the lowest in the Citroen Nemo range – and 68.9mpg of fuel consumption on the combined cycle.

The new van is matched to an Electronic Gearbox System which improves on the previous manual gearbox by reducing CO2 emissions by 3.5 per cent and fuel consumption by closer to five per cent.

Citroen’s latest addition to the Nemo van range exhibits the same chunky bumpers and styling of the other models in the range and comes in at £11,765 before VAT – £400 more than the equivalent manual version.

Scott Michael, Citroën’s Commercial Vehicle Operations Manager, said: "It enables hard pressed businesses to provide their drivers with the comfort and convenience of two pedal driving, while gaining from additional fuel efficiency and emissions benefits."

The van comes equipped with Bluetooth, USB connectivity as part of a ‘Connecting Box’ included as an option on all Nemo LX vans.

The introduction of the van comes as part of Citroen’s ‘Business Class’ programme, which aims to supply a range of cheap to run but practical vans for business customers.

Michael added: ""At the launch of the ‘Citroën Vans – Business Class’ programme, Citroën stated that one of its key elements was the development of environmentally respectful, fuel efficient vehicles. The Citroën Nemo HDi 75 EGS Stop & Start 660 LX exemplifies this strategy."

The Citroen Nemo range starts from £9,165 before VAT. The new Hdi 75 EGS Stop & Start 660 LX van costs from £11,765 before VAT.

The new van will appear at the CV Show in Birmingham’s NEC arena in April 2011.