Peugeot prepares for new 308 world debut

Peugeot has updated the 308 – its best-selling UK model in 2010 – with a new look outside and inside for hatchback, estate (SW) and Coupe-Cabriolet versions.

This includes the new, updated ‘Lion’ badge adorning a tweaked front end and some subtle improvements to the interior.

The biggest changes will come in the powertrain, where ‘optimised’ engines reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumptions to their lowest ever levels on the 308.

Peugeot will offer four petrol and four diesel engines with the new 308 with power outputs ranging from 92 to 200bhp.

The best-performing engines in terms of environmental impact will be the diesels and Peugeot has promised the new 1.5-litre 122bhp engine will deliver groundbreaking CO2 emissions of 98g/km.

Not only will this be the lowest in the family car segment, it will also allow the 308 to qualify for free road tax in the UK and exemption from the London congestion charge.

The low CO2 emissions come courtesy of Peugeot’s e-HDi Stop&Start technology. The technology cuts off the engine while the car is stationary and the ‘e’ part of the name signifies an electronic booster to instantly start the engine again.

However, all cars feature reduced weight and ultra-low rolling resistance tyres to improve fuel consumption. This is further boosted by improved aerodynamics in the exterior design to reduce drag.

The Peugeot 308 has told over 900,000 models since its launch three and a half years ago, with over a one in ten sold in the UK.

Prices for the new Peugeot 308 will be announced closer to its launch date later in the year.