Renault’s stunning new concept revealed

We’ve made no secret of how impressed with the Renault DeZir we were. Renault’s electric supercar concept is a stunning piece of design, combining eye-catching curves with innovative features.

So imagine our excitement when Renault revealed this beauty today:

Based on the same ‘desirable’ design language as the DeZir, this is the Captur – a compact SUV-style crossover featuring much of the styling seen on the DeZir but adding a little of Nissan’s Juke crossover to the mix.

The Captur features a similar front end to the DeZir, with a long, drawn out grille and flowing lines over the bonnet. However, it is higher off the floor, with a raised driving position and a chunky, tougher feel to it.

Designed to be more practical than the DeZir, the Captur can seat four in bucket-style seats and even comes with a removable hard top to turn it into a convertible.

"Captur is a fun and sporty crossover, ideal for a young couple about to discover the world", explains Director of Design, Laurens Van den Acker.

He’s correct. The Captur looks great and the low, coupe-like roofline adds a sporty appeal to the crossover.

Unusually for a concept, it does not feature an electric or hybrid engine set up. Instead, Renault has opted for a next generation diesel engine which it says will offer the same power as a 1.8-litre diesel in a 1.6-litre unit.

This means low CO2 emissions and high fuel economy figures, although like the concept, the engines are not in production yet. Renault’s estimates suggest it could be capable of sub-100g/km emissions and be free from UK road tax – something no other SUV crossover currently does.

The Captur will also demonstrate where Renault’s future safety technology could be heading. The concept includes an RX2 system which improves traction by directing torque to the wheel with the most grip on slippery roads and tracks.

There is also room for a Visio-System, which embeds images into a camera feed of the road ahead to ‘increase driver’s perception of the external world’ and highlight potential obstacles.

The Captur is another hint from Renault it is ready to go more upmarket, more stylish and more desirable with its new design language. It could also be a clue it is willing to take more risks and take on some of the leaders in the emerging crossover section.

Sadly, no plans to produce the futuristic Captur concept are in place, but the design is aimed at showing where the ambitious marque will be heading with subsequent road-ready cars.