Vauxhall Corsa favourite with Scots

The Vauxhall Corsa was the best-selling car in Scotland in 2010 and has continued its domination in January, outselling the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Ford Fiesta to take the top spot.

In the top ten best-seller of 2011 so far, the Vauxhall Astra also appeared at number nine to confirm Vauxhall’s popularity with Scottish buyers.

However the Ford Focus, top-seller in England in the same period, was just one car behind the Corsa in terms of sales. A new Ford Focus is due to be released in summer 2011 and the boost in sales associated with the new model could knock the Corsa off top spot.

For now, Vauxhall remains the most popular manufacturer in Scotland as buyers turned towards smaller, more efficient cars.

Cars such as the Volkswagen Polo and Golf were included in the top ten along with the frugal Honda CR-V.

The top ten was completed by two models offering 4×4 capability; the Nissan Qashqai and small Fiat Panda city car. This could be attributed to the snow and ice which gripped much of the country in December.

Elsewhere in the UK, the Volkswagen Golf sold the most units in Northern Ireland, followed by the Ford duo of the Fiesta and Focus in second and third respectively.

The Ford Fiesta was the favourite among Welsh buyers, followed by the larger Ford Focus hatchback and estate. Ford’s popularity with customers in Wales also pushed the small Ford Ka city car into the top ten with 76 sales in January.

In total 128,000 cars were sold in the UK in January, 11.48 per cent less than the same time last year when the scrappage scheme boosted car sales.

The figures were collected by the Society of Motoring Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT), which stated the economic climate, weather and increase in VAT were the reasons for the dip in new car registrations.