Mazda MX-5 breaks world record

European Mazda MX-5 owners gathered at the Zollverein World Heritage site in Essen last weekend for a very special reason: to break a world record.

The MX-5 is already a record breaker. It is the best-selling 2+2 roadster of all time and at the grand age of 20, it shows no signs of slowing down.

The latest record consisted of the longest continuous MX-5 parade of all time, with 459 cars verified by the Guiness Book of Records, beating the previous record of 249 set in New Zealand.

The day was a huge success for Mazda, with cars coming from 16 different countries, including Switzerland, France, Poland and even as far as Moscow in Russia to take part in the historic event.

The car in question, along with nine other models from the Russian capital, travelled 2,800km to be part of the record attempt.

There were prizes for the highest mileage (A Swiss MX-5 had clocked up over 330,000 miles) and best-looking MX-5 during the event, and unofficial estimates state the number of cars actually exceeded 500.

"The excitement leading up to this event was amazing," said Jeff Guyton, President and CEO Mazda Motor Europe. "Over 600 MX-5 owners applied to take part; so many that we didn’t have room for them all because of technical reasons.

"The event, the parade, the many visitors – Mazda MX-5 showed today why it’s still one of the best-loved sports cars on the planet."

A special edition 20th anniversary edition MX-5 was given away during the day, and the huge turnout is testament to the sticking power of the car.

The MX-5 has built its reputation through being lightweight, great fun to drive and even better to look at. With Mazda’s new Kodo design language being introduced to the world at Paris, the next generation could be one of the most exciting cars ever built by the Japanese manufacturer.

We can’t wait.