Seat car is ‘carbon neutral’

Work on 20,000 solar panels on workshop roofs and vehicle holding areas at the Barcelona-based Martorell plant has been completed.

This means an estimated 2,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year will be save – the same as 2,300 Seat Ibiza E Ecomotives being used for a year.

Since the introduction of the ultra-low CO2 badge on the Ibiza, which signifies official CO2 emissions figures of 92g/km, 1,600 models have been sold.

Seat says the 17 million euro ‘Seat al Sol’ project means these cars are effectively carbon neutral because of the new solar panels.

The VW-owned manufacturer hopes to expand the solar power facilities in 2011 and 2012 to create a 32 hectare area generating 13 million kWh of electricity each year. This is equal to the power needed to power over 3,000 UK homes for a full year.

UK Managing Director Peter Wyhinny said: "The ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of everything we do at SEAT are clearly having a big impact.

"The success of the ambitious SEAT al Sol project, along with our actions to reduce the CO2 emissions and improved the economy of all of our cars, firmly positions SEAT as a leader in this vitally important area."

Seat’s Ecomotive badge can be found on all cars with particularly low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. For the customer, this translates into low rates of VED and lower running costs.

The E Ecomotive badge indicates the car in the range with the lowest CO2 emissions. In the case of both the Ibiza and Leon, the E Ecomotive models CO2 emissions are below 100g/km, making the cars road tax free.