Vauxhall reveals used car warranty

The warranty, which is valid for 100,000 miles with no time limit, can be transferred to a second owner if the car has covered less than 30,000 miles and is under 12 months old.

This means the second owner of the car can enjoy the same benefits the original owners enjoyed under the warranty, which includes cover for the engine, steering, brakes and electrics in all Vauxhall cars.

The warranty is valid as long as owners take the car to a Vauxhall retailer for a free vehicle inspection once a year.

During the checks, the cars are looked over by technicians for accidental damage and other faults, as well as the latest software upgrades.

Duncan Aldred, Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors, said: "Vauxhall is so confident of the high quality levels built-in to its current range of cars that it is now offering its new ground-breaking lifetime warranty on used cars."

The lifetime warranty came under scrutiny recently when people complained 100,000 miles wasn’t actually a lifetime.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority allowed the advert to remain because Vauxhall clearly stated the limit was 100,000 miles and this could last an owner the lifetime of the car.

The latest advert has been seen on television and in print and online throughout the Christmas period, in keeping with ASA rules.

Vauxhall introduced the lifetime warranty in response to Kia’s seven-year warranty on all its cars. Chevrolet currently offers a five-year warranty as more manufacturers offer incentives to customers outside of cutting prices.

Aldred added: "The Network Q Lifetime Warranty is designed to protect our customers against unexpected costs and to give reassurance and peace of mind long after they’ve taken delivery of their used Vauxhall."