Which car is the least insured in the UK?

Up to 500 uninsured vehicles are being seized from UK drivers every day, with Vauxhall Astras topping the list, according to latest figures from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

In fact, Vauxhall Astras make up five per cent of all cars seized, closely followed by the second most seized car, the BMW 3 Series on four per cent.

The statistics, based on roadside calls to the MIB’s Police Helpline, also show one in three calls results in a vehicle being seen.

It could be the rising cost of insurance, coupled with other motoring costs such as fuel increasing is leading more people to take the risk and not get insurance for their cars.

Ironically, the more people who do this, the higher insurance costs will rise. If there are more uninsured drivers on the road, insurance companies are more likely to raise premiums to cover the costs of accidents with those drivers.

The reasons for Vauxhall Astras topping the list are unclear, but it is probably more to do with the relative popularity of the car, meaning there are more on the roads, than anything more sinister.

Indeed, the sheer amount of Vauxhalls on UK roads means the Vectra saloon comes in third in the list and the Corsa is joint fourth with the Volkswagen Golf.

The best-selling manufacturer in the UK, Ford, then takes up the next four spots in the top ten in the shape of the Mondeo, Fiesta, Focus and Escort. Finally, the Renault Megane is the tenth most likely car to be found without insurance.

To battle the high numbers of uninsured vehicles on UK roads, the MIB is launching a new online video banner campaign featuring TV presenter Natalie Pinkham extolling the virtues of being insured.

Natalie Pinkham says: "Many of us are short of cash at this time of year, but driving without
insurance is false economy. Being caught can result in fines and penalty points which will, in
turn, have knock-on effects when it comes to insurance premiums.

"There are ways in which drivers can save on costs and stay adequately insured, such as shopping around for quotes, opting for pay-as-you-drive cover or taking advanced driving lessons."

Alternatively, you can also check out the Perrys guide to finding cheaper car insurance.

The consequences to not having insurance can be huge; the vehicle will be seized, the driver will receive a minimum of six licence penalty points and a fixed penalty of £200.

There are also £150 in recovery fees and that is only allowed if insurance is actually bought for the car.

As you can see, whether you’re in an Astra or a Megane, driving without insurance can be a risky and expensive business.