Peugeot EX1 concept breaks speed record

The electric concept car travelled an eight of a mile in just 7.09 seconds and a quarter of a mile in 12.67 seconds – the fastest time recorded by any electric car.

Driven by Chinese blogger Han Han, the EX1 set the record in Chengdu, just months after previously setting records in France.

More impressively, Frenchman Nicolas Vanier also travelled to China and recorded a 0-62mph sprint time of just 3.49 seconds in the EX1 concept.

Although not designed to go into production, the EX1 showcases the advances in electric technology to celebrate the manufacturer’s 200th anniversary.

It was launched to coincide with the release of the Peugeot iOn electric car, a four-door city car designed to be the first mass-produced electric car from the French manufacturer’s garage.

However, the EX1 boasts a much more powerful powertrain than the smaller iOn, with two electric motors providing 340bhp and 240Nm.

The lightweight structure and aerodynamic design is intended to improve performance, while two bucket sports seats give the car a performance car feel.

According to Peugeot: "This series of records represents a world benchmark in terms of acceleration for an electric vehicle and testifies to the advanced, high-tech know-how of Peugeot when it comes to alternative propulsion vehicles."

The manufacturer will remain at the forefront of alternatively-powered vehicles when it becomes the first car maker to launch a diesel hybrid in the shape of the 3008 diesel HYbrid4.

Set to arrive in 2011, the 3008 hybrid will offer the lowest emissions in the crossover’s range, and will be the first mass produced model of its kind to ever be sold in the UK.