Jaguar XJ picks up another award

Automotive columnists from the newswire named the luxury British-built model the best saloon of 2010 for its design both inside and out.

According to Bloomberg News auto columnist Jason H. Harper, “The 2011 Jaguar XJ is the runaway design of the year. It’s simply gorgeous inside and out, and although it is recognizably a Jaguar, it takes the brand in a more forward-thinking and energized direction.”

Jaguar had been criticised for uninspiring design in recent years, but the XJ saloon and previously the XK coupe and XF executive car have reinvigorated the brand.

This has led to sales increasing, culminating in its best August sales performance for two years being recorded.

The car has been a huge hit since arriving in 2010, winning the Professional Driver’s Car of the Year and Top Gear’s Luxury Car of the Year among other honours.

“This is a great win for Jaguar and especially the engineers and designers in the U.K. who created the stunning XJ sedan (saloon),” said Gary Temple, President of Jaguar Land Rover North America.

Starting from £55,500, the Jaguar XJ features luxurious leather and the latest gadgets, including a top of the range sound system, dual climate control and full colour screen for the satellite navigation.

Made from a new lightweight aluminium architecture, the Jaguar XJ saloon features dramatic styling, including Jaguar’s distinctive oval grille and a low roofline.

The best in British luxury, the Jaguar XJ is also available with a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine on Supersport models for drivers looking for more performance from the luxury saloon.

Alternatively, the Jaguar XJ is offered as a business car, capable of swallowing up motorway miles and available under Jaguar’s unique chauffeur scheme offering specialised servicing and maintenance.