Ford uses clever marketing for Transits old and new

Here at Perrys, we like it when a manufacturer is on the ball with its PR, and Ford certainly gets things right more often than not.

We’ve already blogged on the Ford Transit’s 45th anniversary, and the excellent collection of images of Ford Transit’s through the ages being used for all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

All too often people can overdo a big anniversary or event, so that you’re sick of the sight of it, but not so Ford. They’ve struck gold again with a clever recreation of a classic Ford moment.

The accompanying press release was more suited to Twitter – in fact we managed to Tweet the press release in full complete with an explanation on our Twitter channel.

Here it is: "Two amazing success stories are reunited for Ford Transit’s 45th birthday. Sir Henry Cooper and Ford Transit."

It did however, come with a set of images of boxing legend Cooper posing alongside a Ford Transit in the 60s with a bunch of bananas. The van is adorned in Henry Cooper livery from his grocery store at Wembley.

Ford has also – cleverly – recreated the photograph with Cooper himself again holding a set of bananas. While the original Ford Transit van is long gone, it did feature a similar model, surrounded by the latest iteration of the timeless van.

There’s also an image of Cooper in front of the latest generation of the Ford Transit, but it’s the old black and white images which really caught our eye.

A nifty bit of marketing from Ford, with some great old images of the Transit van which has proved a massive success to the company.

Citroen’s anti-retro campaign certainly got people talking, but we feel there is always a place for a bit of nostalgia, especially when it is done as well as this.

Ford has also recently launched a new Youtube video channel – click the link to take a look at some of the latest Ford videos for the UK.