Citroen’s CO2 emissions lead the way

It’s not often luxury manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and Lexus appear in the top five of any ‘green car’ tables, but that is the case this week with the latest figures from Clean Green Car.

This is because the latest way to present the average CO2 figures for each manufacturer is to weight up the average CO2 against the size of cars the manufacturer produces.

Clean Green Cars has done this by working out the average expected CO2 emissions from each size of car and then compared it to the proportion of car sizes in each manufacturer’s range.

Still with us? So, for example, BMW may have much higher average CO2 emissions than say, Nissan, but it also sells more bigger cars. As these cars are generally better-than-average for emissions, it will have a higher score than Nissan in the new ‘Index of Efficiency’.

However, it wasn’t all surprises at the top of the table, with Citroen finishing third in the table. While it’s actual CO2 average is one of the best in the industry at 130.81g/km, the size of its cars dictate it should be around 139g/km.

Jay Nagley, Publisher of Clean Green Cars, said: “Manufacturers of small cars can have low overall CO2 figures, but that does not necessarily mean they are doing the best job in reducing CO2. A manufacturer that sells a broad range of cars and still manages to keep overall CO2 emissions low deserves more credit.”

And we agree. Citroen has the likes of the seven-seat C4 Grand Picasso, C-Crosser SUV and C6 executive saloon in its range, but still manages to outperform smaller car manufacturers in both average CO2 levels and the new weighted index.

Technology such as its Airdream+ and its forthcoming C-Zero electric car will only continue to lower CO2 emissions across the range.

However, with the introduction of the DS3, DS4 and upcoming DS5, as well as rumours of a DS3 drop-top, the range is also much more premium.

More equipment, better quality materials, a range of low-CO2 engines and thrilling new designs like the Citroen Survolt electric racing car concept show Citroen is currently building a range to tick all the boxes of the modern motorist.

It will be an interesting battle between Citroen and Renault – who itself is aiming for more desirable yet greener cars – in the UK market.

With the new Clio expected to use the design language seen on the exceptional Zoe electric supermini there is nothing between the two manufacturers at the moment.