Vauxhall endorses government van scheme

The manufacturer will offer businesses advice on reducing fuel costs, running costs and CO2 emissions as part of the Department for Transport’s Van Best Practice programme.

The free advice will be available on Vauxhall’s website and its commercial vehicle magazine, the Wheels of Business.

The Van Best Practice Programme offers guides on driving in a more efficient manner, choosing the right van to suit each business and getting the most out of its fuel use.

Steve Bryant, Brand Manager, Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles, said: "Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles is very pleased to offer its support to Van Best Practice. We have always been keen to help businesses reduce costs and their impact on the environment.

"The numerous benefits of Van Best Practice to Vauxhall customers, from saving money to improving business performance and reducing C02emissions, are clear to see."

Vauxhall currently sells five different vans, ranging from the supermini-based Corsavan to the large Movano. The lowest-emitting van, the Corsavan, emits between 119-127g/km depending on the engine chosen.

Business vehicles with lower CO2 emissions are eligible for lower rates of emissions-based company tax and more frugal vehicles will result in lower fuel costs.

To help businesses choose the best van, the Department for Transport website also offers a fuel calculator allowing businesses the opportunity to find out what van will be the best fit for them.