Land Rover approves new winter tyres

Land Rover SUVs are industry leaders because of their go-anywhere ability, grip and traction, and in keeping with this, the brand has an approval system for tyre manufacturers.

Tyre maker Continental is the latest to be approved by Land Rover for its winter tyres, and will now supply Land Rover service centres with ContiCrossContact Winter tyres in preparation for winter.

Land Rover’s chassis experts test winter tyres for agility, performance and good grip before approving them.

The ContiCrossContact Winter is designed for when temperatures fall below seven degrees celcius. In this weather, the wide tread grooves prevent aquaplaning and the tyre compound improves traction and braking.

The tyres, which have also been designed to improve fuel consumption through low rolling resistance, are described by Continental as the ‘perfect’ winter tyre for 4×4 and SUVs.

Although winter tyres are more often used in snowy European countries such as Switzerland, where they are a legal requirement, they are increasingly popular in the UK.

Last winter’s cold snap, when ice and snow covered many parts of the UK, boosted sales of 4x4s, in particular Land Rovers.

In icy weather, 4×4 vehicles are less likely to slide because of the increased traction provided by all four wheels. Winter tyres can further improve the traction and road-holding to prevent accidents in poor conditions.

The tyres will be available on two distinctly different Land Rover models; the consummate off-roader, the Freelander 2, and the luxurious Range Rover Sport, which appeals to drivers staying on the road more often.

Both vehicles are also fitted with Land Rover’s unique all-terrain technology to further enhance driving ability in poor conditions and on uneven surfaces.