Peugeot unleashes EX1 electric roadster

The two-seat, lightweight roadster weighs in at under 1000kg, and the aerodynamic design has enabled it to break no less than six world records for electric cars of a similar weight.

These include 1/8, a quarter, half and one mile sprints from a standing start as well as 500m and 1000m records.

What is even more noticeable about the roadster is the unique design. Taking design cues from the BB1 concept and the RCZ coupe production car, from the front the EX1 is clearly a Peugeot model.

However, at the rear the wheels are closer together, forming an aerodynamic ‘tear drop’ shape. Inside, the two sports bucket seats are reached through a rear opening door and allow the driver to sit in a racing car position.

The power comes from two electric motors separated at the front and rear and delivering 340bhp to the wheels in a four-wheel drive system.

The suspension features a wishbone arrangement and a single ‘rear arm’ at the rear. The open-top car also features a roll-bar for driver safety and a wind deflector for improved comfort.

Peugeot has even gone as far as designing a special ‘garage’ for the EX1, which includes solar panels on the roof to charge an independent recharging station used to power the vehicle, meaning truly zero emissions driving could be possible.

The EX1 concept will not be on show at the Paris Motor Show, instead it will be displayed on Peugeot Avenue in the French capital from 22 September to 14 November.

The Peugeot EX1 follows the Citroen Survolt electric concept onto the race track, and after setting the six records at the Montlhery circuit in France, Peugeot has promised more world records will be broken in China over the next year.