Mazda targets learner drivers

In difficult market conditions, Mazda has enjoyed a spectacular year of sales. To date, sales of the Japanese brand’s cars have increased by 18 per cent and its market share has increased to a record 2.7 per cent.

Breaking down the figures, it is clear where Mazda has boosted sales of its cars. On average, car manufacturers sell 56 per cent of cars to the private and fleet sector. However, for Mazda, the figure stands at 67 per cent.

The reasons are numerous. Mazda is an affordable volume manufacturer with an emphasis on driving ability and stylish looks. However, it also offers premium feel interiors and is an affordable alternative to expensive luxury brands without sacrificing quality.

This has led the likes of the Mazda2 to excel in August this year, and it even broke into the top ten best-sellers in Scotland – the first ever Mazda to do so.

But it isn’t just normal business fleets benefitting from Mazda cars, because Perrys Plymouth has teamed up with the manufacturer to offer Mazda2 and Mazda3 cars to driving instructors.

As part of the offer, Perrys is including low vehicle finance, dual controls, car header board with graphics, metallic paint and GPS speedometer free of charge.

Bob Wright, General Manager at Perrys said, "The Mazda2 has been in regular demand from driving instructors in our area. It is also clear that some instructors want a larger car they can use both to instruct pupils and as their ‘main’ family vehicle, which is why Mazda3 has been included in the new programme.

In doing so, Mazda has opened up a new niche market – there are 17,000 driving instructors in the UK who need a car that drives well and includes all the mandatory extras such as dual controls.

But the benefits don’t end there – over two million people take the driving test each year, and many of them are likely to favour the car they passed in when it comes to buying one, ensuring more sales for Mazda.

The Mazda2 and larger Mazda3 are two of the most popular cars to learn to drive in, and below we’ve listed five more cars which are cheap to run, easy to drive – ensuring a greater chance of passing the test.

1) Ford Fiesta – Responsive handling, comfortable interiors and willing engines, the Ford Fiesta is a perennial favourite with driving instructors. It remains the best-selling car in the UK – a fact which only serves to highlight its desirability.

2) Vauxhall Corsa – Compact and nimble for all those tricky manoeuvres, the Vauxhall Corsa is an ideal learner car. It is incredibly easy to drive and its small size make it less likely to clip objects and damage the paintwork.

3) Ford Ka – The tiny Ford Ka has one major benefit for younger drivers. The huge bumper allows for plenty of scrapes and bumps without damaging the bodywork. It also has responsive steering and is a comfortable, if a little compact runaround.

4) Chevrolet Spark – Perhaps an unexpected model, but the Spark is an excellent little city car. It looks great, with aggressive styling replacing the traditional ‘cute’ look of city cars and it is even designed with learners in mind, taking motorbike-style instrument panels for scooter drivers hoping to upgrade without too much disruption.

5) Citroen C3 – Citroen is no longer a manufacturer of unreliable cars. Now they are well-built, extremely stylish and increasingly higher quality inside and out. If you’re looking for a small car with responsive steering and a capable set of engines, then the C3 is for you.