Mazda reveals new ‘Kodo’ design language

The Shinari uses Mazda’s all-new ‘Kodo’ – translated roughly as ‘soul of motion’ – design language to replace the nature-inspired, flowing Nagare design language used just once; on the Mazda5 MPV.

While the Nagare language enjoyed a brief and troubled spell as the Japanese manufacturer’s focus – the flowing lines were notoriously difficult to employ on the box-like Mazda5 – it remains to be seen how much of the Kodo language used for the Shinari concept will be replicated on production models.

The Shinari features a large grille and small, thin headlamps at the front and rear. The flowing lines of the Nagare language have been toned down for the four-door model, perhaps paving the way for simpler translation onto production cars in future.

Revealed in Milan, full details of the Shinari concept will be announced at the Paris Motor Show in September but Mazda has already confirmed the concept will ‘lead to the next generation of Mazda design’.

Laurens van der Acker, the designer of the Nagare language which spawned a number of concepts and just one production model, has since moved to Renault, which will showcase its own new DeZir design language at the Paris Motor Show.

Following the likes of Citroen with the DS line and even Lotus, the new Mazda design language is part of an effort to move the brand into a more premium sector against the likes of BMW and Audi.