Green Fiat car is ‘star of Faithless video’

Dance music fans may have been encouraged to buy a green Fiat car after spotting one in a recent advertisement.

The Fiat Punto Evo – which was launched in the UK in January – is the star of a music video for Faithless tune Feelin Good and the piece doubles up as a TV advert for the motor.

Known as a prommercial, it was first aired on Sunday (August 15th) during the break for reality TV show Big Brother, with the manufacturer reserving the whole three-minute slot to show off its new product.

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director of the Fiat Group Automobiles UK & Ireland, said the Fiat green car is leading the way in terms of innovation and the company was delighted with the finished piece.

She added: "It was essential for us that we didn't just place the Punto Evo in the video – we wanted it to be at the heart of the storyline.

"This is not just about a brand sponsoring a band. It's much more than that – we are co-creating a promotion."

In addition, the video tells the story of a man and a woman whose dance moves are influenced by two dolls in the green Fiat car.

The model manages a CO2 emission output of 108 g/km, as well as a fuel consumption level of 80.3 mpg on the extraurban cycle, while it is slightly less with 68.9 on the combined mode.

And the manufacturer is set to launch a special edition Feelin Good Fiat Punto Evo which will include 15-inch alloy wheels and sports bumpers, as well as an entertainment system and a rear spoiler.

Moreover, an array of illumination options are also included on the vehicle, such as dark tinted headlights and adaptive cornering fog lights, which might come in handy during the winter months. 

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