New electric Kia P0P concept unveiled

The Korean manufacturer is being coy about the details of the futuristic model, but according to the teaser images released today, the car will be a three-seater model with two front and one rear seat.

Featuring dramatic styling inside and out, the P0P measures just three metres in length and has a bench-style front set of seats instead of the more traditional individual seating positions.

The exterior features a shark-like face leading into a sloping bonnet and windscreen, which doubles as a large glass roof in the same style as the Kia Ray plug-in hybrid introduced by the Korean manufacturer last year.

The sleek, attractive design is a triumph for Kia designer Peter Schreyer and his team, although how much of the design is used for a production model remains to be seen.

Kia has not revealed details of the powertrain and although it will feature zero tailpipe emissions, any indications of range or engine details will be revealed closer to the Paris Motor Show.

Kia, like all manufacturers operating in Europe, will need to follow new EU guidelines on average CO2 emissions and as a result, will use the technology employed in the Kia P0P – or a variation on it – in a future city car.

Any future electric car will be joined by a plug-in hybrid model as a competitor to the Toyota Prius and the hybrid technology employed in the Kia Ray concept last year is expected to be used in the next generation Kia Cee’d hatchback within the next 24 months.

The Kia P0P will appear alongside another confirmed electric car concept, the Renault DeZir, at the Paris Motor Show from 30th September.