Citroen offers free DS3 on Facebook

Citroen is using social media to give customers the chance to win the stylish DS3 supermini.

In an innovative move, the French manufacturer has been using some of the internet’s most popular aspects to interact with people and give away the premium DS3.

Over the past week, the fans of the Citroen DS3 Facebook page have been given clues as to the whereabouts of a piece of the DS3 on Google Street View maps.

Every day the Facebook page updates a new hint to find the four pieces as well as a complete car. One of the lucky treasure hunters to find the complete car can then win one.

The model in question is a brand new DS3 White 1.6 VTi 120hp DS3 – and the first one has already been won.

But, if you’re unhappy because you’ve missed out on the chance to win one of the most exciting cars of the year, don’t fear, because Citroen will run the competition twice more from 17th-21st August and again on 7th-11th September.

Normally, we wouldn’t bother with online competitions to win a car, but this one is a bit different. For a start, the Citroen DS3 is superb.

It is highly customisable, extremely desirable and comes with a premium and comfortable interior, a range of efficient, clean engines and a certain amount of ‘cool’.

Secondly, the competition is one of the first of its kind. It is innovative in the way it uses hugely popular internet trends such as the now ubiquitous Facebook and Google Street View so effectively to reach customers.

Lastly, it’s a lot of fun – exactly the same as driving a DS3. The name of the competition, Streetseeker, is designed to show the city-driving abilities of the new model in a new way.

Peugeot recently offered a brand new RCZ coupe to followers of a Peugeot Twitter channel, and Ford has joined Citroen in offering a car in a Facebook-themed competition.

However, Citroen has embraced online competitions like no other. On the launch of the DS3, a free model was given away in a competition to find the most ‘unique’ photograph – an attempt to emphasise the uniqueness of each DS3 due to the incredible range of customisable options.

And between the hundreds of baby pictures submitted, there were a few gems. The winner was an image of a girl with angel wings drawn with a sparkler – which was deemed good enough to win a brand new Citroen DS3.

We’re interested to see where the next fun and innovative idea will come from. At the moment, Citroen is certainly leading the way.

The Citroen Streetseekers competition can be found here.