Kia arrives on Facebook

There was an interesting blog about motoring manufacturers and social media at the Auto Marketing Blog today.

In it, there was an intriguing graph showing the number of Facebook fans in each manufacturers Facebook page.

With the news Facebook now has 500 million people signed up, it’s interesting to see which automotive manufacturers are embracing this ever-growing and ever more important market.

Unsurprisingly, the manufacturers who have invested extremely heavily in social media marketing are at the top, with huge increases in the last few months. However, Kia will be disappointed to have less than 5,000 Facebook fans.

It is a figure which is about to change. The brand is one of the fastest growing in the UK, and with successful launches of the Soul crossover and stunning Sportage, people are starting to sit up and notice the Japanese brand which is building a reputation for premium styling and budget prices.

Now, Kia has launched its own Facebook and Youtube pages to capitalise on its growing popularity in the UK to fit in with its trendy new image – supported by the sheer number of design awards ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer has won along with his design team.

To launch the Youtube channel, Kia has introduced a small clip showing preparations for the Sportage launch involving a 30 metre crane in the centre of London.

The manufacturer is also giving away seven top prizes, ranging from a trip in a powerboat to spa experiences, to members of its Facebook page.

Simon Hetherington, Marketing Director commented: "The on-line interest in Kia has soared in the last couple of years and thanks to the work of Peter Schreyer more and more netizens reckon our cars are cool!

"So we have been looking at how we satisfy that ever-growing demand of inside information about Kia and with Facebook and YouTube we are making our first full foray into the social media world."

Perrys understands the need for increased interaction through social media – you can find us on Twitter @perrysmotors – and it is good to see Kia capitalising on the likes of the Kia Soul and Kia Sportage to begin to climb the Facebook followers table and continue its remarkable growth in the UK.