Mazda showcases life-sized Scalextric track

The Scalextric track was built in a figure of eight and although it wasn’t functional, was a success with visitors to the prestigious show in the Goodwood grounds.

Mazda will no introduce a number of other ‘experiential events’ over the summer, including an appearance at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, Zoom Zoom weekends and a Mazda Thrills competition.

The brand will appear at the Pageant of Power on 17-18 July in Cheshire before the Zoom Zoom Weekend shopping centre tour travels to nine venues across the UK.

Mazda will also be giving away driving says at the events in a competition running until 24 September.

The new, hands-on campaign is a new tactic by the Japanese manufacturer to give customers the chance to get more involved with Mazda cars before buying.

When asked about the life-sized Scalextric track at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jeremy Thomson, Mazda UK’s managing director, said: "The Mazda stand was a life-sized Scalextric track which attracted a huge amount of attention and the Mazda team was inundated with enquiries. In fact, sales leads are up by an impressive 140 percent on last year’s show."

Visitors at the show were invited to drive a Mazda MX-5 up the famous Goodwood hill climb and Thomson admitted some people were forced to miss out because of overwhelming demand to drive the sports car.

Mazda currently enjoys a 1.61 market share in the UK and has sold 4,169 models so far in 2010, a 41.69 per cent increase over the same period last year.