When Fiat met Ferrari: The 264hp 500

What do you get when you boost the power in a Fiat 500 to 264hp and 243 lb-ft of torque?

The answer, as discovered by tuners at Pogea Racing, is this 500 Ferrari Dealers Edition. The versatile Abarth 500, despite being one of the smallest city cars on the roads, has had to be given new brakes, a larger, stainless steel exhaust system, a new catalytic converter, a new hybrid turbocharger, a modified intake cooling system, a larger center mount and an upgraded intercooler.

The Ferrari Dealers Edition also comes with an individual suspension system, leather seats and a range of carbon fibre parts. No prices have been revealed yet, but don’t expect it to come cheap.

Pogea Racing is well known for exciting, interesting upgrades to models, and the Fiat 500 covered in racing-style grilles and, of course, the Ferrari ‘Prancing Horse’ doesn’t disappoint.

Small but aggressive, the Fiat 500 Ferrari Special Edition can hit 60mph in six seconds and has a top speed of over 130mph.

As a limited edition, there’s the usual individual numbering and Pogea’s famous attention to detail can be seen in interior, which is draped in leather and includes racing seats.

Mental? Probably. Do we want one? Definitely.