Austin’s ‘Shaguar’ fails to sell

This is the famous Union Jack Jaguar – or Shaguar – from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

The model wasn’t actually used in the film – that car is already owned by somebody in the UK, instead, it is the model used for promotions of the film.

We’ll refrain from any ‘groovy’ comments, and focus on the car, which went on sale on Ebay but failed to sell after the asking price of $51,900 (around £40,000) was not met. Despite 42 bids, the highest was $800 under the asking price.

Apart from being covered in the unique Union Jack livery, the 1970 E-Type Jag from the 1999 hit film also boasts a hand-made convertible top, custom carpeting and chrome wheels and has 4,000 miles on the clock.

It even comes with a letter from New Line Cinema, which was only given out to people involved with the film.

However, this model is left-hand drive, as opposed to the right-hand drive actually used in the film.

As the patriotic Jaguar is being sold in the US, and with the current ill-feeling towards the UK due to the BP oil spill, it’s perhaps no surprise it didn’t sell. All it means is there’s one of two E-Type Jaguar models with Union Jack livery still available for a lucky buyer.